Project Description


What are Open Educational Resources?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials (quizzes, lesson plans, textbooks, media, etc.) that are prepared by educators and made freely available on the internet through the public domain or Creative Commons licenses. They can also be freely redistributed, shared, adapted, repurposed and remixed by other educators as needed.

Why Open Educational Resources?

The OER movement arose out of the need to develop quality, affordable and accessible educational content as a viable solution to the unsustainable financial burden placed upon many students faced with relentless increases in the costs of textbooks.

Types of OERs and where to find them

The types of materials available can range from single worksheets and lesson plans through unit plans, textbooks and full semester/year long curricula. There are a number of services that serve as clearinghouses for OER material and provide searchable interfaces to help find appropriate material.  Well known clearinghouses include:

OER Commons




Step 1

Visit the BC Open Textbook Collection and browse through growing collection of internationally published, openly licenced introductory e-textbooks in a wide range of disciplines via the left hand menu. Click through a few titles, and notice the variety of formats that are offered (pdf, epub, etc.).  Find one that offers an “editable” format, illustrating the re-use possibilities of OERs.

Step 2

Wikimedia Commons, a collection of freely usable media files, has issued a call for submissions of images of public places (e.g. parks, fountains, statues, heritage buildings, etc.).

  • Take some representative pictures of these public places within in the Concordia University and surrounding areas of Montreal.
  • Upload them to the Wikimedia Commons database. Details are below:

More information:

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